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Healthy Soil = Healthy Food

Humigenix Soil Conditioner

We’re on a mission to Revitalize and Restore American soil. It’s been known for some 80+ years that our soil has been decimated as our country tries to feed the world.

Humigenix Soil Conditioner is the answer to reclamation! 100% organic humic/fulvic acids extracted without a harsh chemical process.

We fought very hard to secure exclusive rights to distribute this product because we know what it is capable of doing.

We have been very busy getting the word out about Humigenix Nutritional Soil Conditioner and the response has been overwhelming.

The future of family farming in many situations is hanging in the balance as they struggle with skyrocketing prices for agricultural products and supply issues.

We would be more than happy to explain what Humigenix is all about, what it does and how it can maybe put your mind a little at ease this year and in the future.

You can help by getting the word out to your farming friends and family.

SOIL SAVIOR – The Exclusive US Manufacturers Representative

Humigenix Soli Conditioner
Humigenix Soli Conditioner
Humigenix Soli Conditioner
Humigenix Soli Conditioner
Humigenix Soli Conditioner
Humigenix Soli Conditioner
Humigenix Soli Conditioner
Humigenix Soli Conditioner
Humigenix Soli Conditioner
Humigenix Soli Conditioner
Humigenix Soli Conditioner

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Healthier plant material. Greater disease resistance.  No special clothing or equipment required.


No runoff or watershed issues. Greater access to nutrients and water. Harmless to humans and animals.


Soil reclamation potential. Increased root mass. Increased yield potential.

Sustainable agriculture is legally defined as integrating plant and animal production practices that target several specific long-term objectives. These objectives include increasing economic viability of farm operations, satisfying human food and fiber needs, maximizing the use of renewable resources, and enhancing the natural resource base and environmental quality of the production site…all designed to improve the quality of life for farm families and their communities.

Planet Earth
People Fed by a Single Farm
Average Acres per Farm
Farms in the USA

Soil SECRET | Better Fertilizer for Less Money

Brad from chats with Pat Miletich on Soil. How to revitalize the soil to get more nutrient dense food. They talk about a better way to fertilize cheaper for farmers, home gardens, lawns and MORE.

AgEmerge Summer Summit - August 4-5, 2022

Engage with experts in thought provoking discussion as we share years of experience, both the successes and failures, in a full transparency farm tour. But we can’t be all work and no play…To wrap up the event, we’ll enjoy a unique evening together in the pasture for dinner and live music at the 4th annual Concert with the Cows!

  • Cover Cropping: The Basics of Getting Started
  • Relay Cropping: Harvesting Rye and Soybeans in the Same Year
  • Interseeded Cover Cropping: Making it Work
  • POWER2GRO Product Trials: Side by Side and Variable Rate
  • Regenerative Ag in Action: Failures to Successes
  • Livestock Integration: Stacking Enterprises
  • Direct Marketing to Consumers: Communicating with the Public
  • Decades of Soil Health Experience
Pat Miletich at AG Summer Summit
Meghan Filbert at AG Summer Summit
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